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Fresh, dried and frozen Mushrooms and Truffles

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“Fresh, dried, frozen”

“Our story begins at the end of the 90’s, when our headquarters were a simple garage with a small cold room for fresh mushrooms. We worked supplying some restaurant in Viterbo’s district (Italy). After some time we widened with another small cold room for frozen products until the demand of our goods grow to the point we had to transfer in a bigger building. It was at the beginning of the 2000 that Cimina Funghi found his actual head office, in Ronciglione, a small village that lays between Rome and Viterbo. That’s because meanwhile we earn the trust of famous restaurateurs of Rome, satisfied by the quality of our products. During the last few years we started working for the Large-scale retail channel, wishing to continuing our growth in other trades, to bring the quality of our Porcini mushrooms on more diner possible.”

Girolamo Bomarsi - CEO


Our fresh goods and our packaged products

Fresh mushrooms and truffles

Between May and October we dispose of fresh Porcini Mushrooms, chanterelles and ovules, with fresh black truffle. Between October and December we have, instead, the white truffle.

Dried porcini mushrooms

They are available to buyers in a variety of weights, in boxes or envelopes with a small amount of grams (only for the Large-scale retail channel: they come with EAN code, cap and expositor).

Frozen mushrooms

Our line of cold products includes: intact or sliced or diced porcini and mixed frozen mushrooms. They are available in a variety of weights.

Sauces and condiments

Jars, mushrooms or truffles’ sauces, sliced truffles, pasta’s sauces, creams for bruschette and canapés: in short, you have a lot of choice!

Honeys and Jams

We work with selected companies of unquestioned excellence in their trade. The jams and honeys that are on our shelves deserve a taste.

Pasta and Wine

Taglioni with truffles or porcini for dinner? With a good red wine! In our Shop you will find dried pasta and terrific wines, to amaze your friends with a good italian dinner!

Cimina Funghi's truck

Underbrush in your kitchen

Our fresh goods arrive just a few hours after their harvesting: in this way we can ensure that our clients will have the quality they deserve.

  • Super fast transport

    Our porcini mushrooms are really fast! They travel super-fast, freshly picked, and they come in refrigerated trucks to our cold rooms. So they keep all their freshness!

  • Super easy buying

    Our fleet of trucks serves everyday the cities of Rome and Viterbo, and the surrounding area, with all of our products. But you can always visit our Shop!

Wholesale, with attention to details

Our products are available for wholesale and for retail: from the fresh goods to the frozen ones, from sauces to dry pasta. There are many reasons to come visit us!

  • Wholesale and Large-scale retail channel

    Experience in logistics and support during all the phases of the sale: these are the qualities that we provide to our clients, with a great attention to the respect for the cold chain, to maintain the integrity of the products. We also offer customized solutions for the Large-scale retail channel, with labeling and exhibitors, ideal for supermarkets and hypermarkets.

  • Our retail store

    A retail space dedicated to privates, born from the need to meet the necessities of an average family. It was born at the beginnings of the 2000. There you can buy our fresh goods, frozen and dried products and many other goods, all packed with high-quality raw materials. Jams, wines, honey, pasta: many small agri-food excellence that have earned a place on our shelves.

View of the refrigeration room with fresh porcini mushrooms
Retail store


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