Side by side with industry

For the preparation of nutritious and tasty food

Cimina Funghi supplies raw materials and semi-finished products for the food industry

You have found the raw material you were looking for

A good product comes from an excellent raw material. Cimina Funghi can provide you with fresh, frozen, dried, in brine or powdered wild mushrooms even in large quantities.

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Storage and logistics
We purchase, stock and deliver to your manufacturing facilities
Research of raw materials
We support you in the search for raw materials for your production lines

Pasta factories and bakery

Cimina Funghi supplies numerous pasta factories that make flavored dry pasta or fresh stuffed pasta based on porcini mushrooms and truffles. We are able to deliver: dried porcini crumbs, porcini mushroom powder or frozen porcini mushrooms for making fresh fillings.

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Canned food and products in oil

We are suppliers of important food industries that produce ready-made creams and sauces with mushrooms and truffles, as well as products in jars and in oil. We are able to provide you with an excellent raw material for your production, whether they are frozen or in brine porcini.

Ready to cook products

Are you a ready-to-cook food manufacturer? Request a quote for our raw materials!

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