Frozen mushrooms and truffles

We can guarantee your value chain all year round.

IQF technology freezing.

Frozen products for your company

The convenience of frozen mushrooms: continuous availability

Cimina Funghi has availability of frozen mushrooms all year round. This allows you to have continuity in the production line or to have porcini-based dishes always on your restaurant's menu.

IQF Technology

Our porcini are frozen when fresh: this way they keep their characteristics even when below zero.

In bulk. Or Packaged.

We can make any type of packaging: from loose cartons to 500g or 1Kg packs.

Loose products
The frozen mushrooms in bulk are packaged in food grade PPL bags, placed inside a double wave carton. Available in variable weights from 6Kg to 12Kg.
Packaged product
We make frozen porcini mushrooms packs in 500g or 1Kg PE-LD bags, perfect for shops and supermarkets. The envelope graphics are customizable.
Whole porcini mushrooms
Whole frozen porcini mushrooms, available in different sizes (large, medium and small) and different qualities (first and second choice).
Diced porcini
Easy to use porcini mushroom cubes: they just need to be rinsed and put to cook! Available in different qualities, even for industrial use.
Frozen black summer truffle
Frozen Italian summer black truffle, available all year round, also for industrial use.
Sliced porcini mushrooms
Beautiful slices of porcini mushrooms, perfect for sautéing or frying. Available in different qualities (first and second grade).
Heads of porcini mushrooms
For those who don't like the stem, cartons of frozen porcini mushroom heads are available. Calibers and quality can be chosen by the customer.
Mixed mushrooms with 10% porcini
1Kg bags of mixed mushrooms with 10% porcini mushrooms.


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