Supplier Guiding Principles

Purpose of the principles

To continue to be one of the main companies in the distribution of wild mushrooms, Cimina Funghi has developed a series of Principles that transmit the values and commitments of Cimina Funghi to its employees and the public. As part of Cimina Funghi's efforts to foster relationships with suppliers who share similar values, Cimina Funghi requires compliance with its Guiding Principles for Suppliers, which reaffirm Cimina Funghi's requirements and emphasize respect for a healthy and productive work place and for eco-sustainability.

Field of application

These Guiding Principles for suppliers apply to all suppliers with which Cimina Funghi has a contractual relationship, including contractors, suppliers of products and services, co-packers and joint venture partners.

Guiding Principles of the Supplier

Legal requirements: suppliers will comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the supply of products and services to Cimina Funghi.
Minimum Age for Employment - Suppliers will not employ anyone below the legal working age defined by local law.
Forced Labor - Vendors will not use forced or involuntary prison labor.
Abuse and Harassment - Suppliers will not use corporal punishment or other forms of physical or sexual harassment or abuse of their employees.
Discrimination - Suppliers will not discriminate based on any condition or feature protected by applicable law or regulation.
Freedom of Association - Suppliers will recognize and respect each employee's right to associate with any legally sanctioned organization. The rights of trade unions must be respected.
Working Hours, Work Weeks, and Payroll Payments: Suppliers will comply with all applicable local laws.
Health and Safety - Suppliers will provide employees with working conditions that comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the health and safety of workers.
Environmental Practices: Cimina Funghi suppliers must comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations in their operations and develop and implement plans and programs to correct any non-compliant practices.
Communications: Cimina Funghi expects its suppliers to take appropriate measures to communicate these Guiding Principles for suppliers to their employees.
Monitoring and compliance: these guiding principles for suppliers will be incorporated in all new or renewed commercial agreements between suppliers and Cimina Funghi, its affiliates and business units. Upon Cimina Funghi's request, suppliers must certify their compliance with these Supplier Guiding Principles and authorize Cimina Funghi and its designated agents (including any third parties) to engage in monitoring activities, including on-site inspections on the basis of reasonable notice. .