Cold chain manteinance

Cold chain manteinance: Fresh Eater!

Cimina Funghi guarantee integrity, hygiene standards and food safety to best preserve the product. All the steps you will read below take place in environments that meticulously respect the storage temperatures.

First: the harvest
Our porcini mushrooms are harvested by hand, by expert hunters, in the largest Italian and European forests.
Storage site
In a few hours, the mushrooms are transported on refrigerated vehicles to the storage site, equipped with cold rooms.
Control and sorting
After careful control, the mushrooms are selected for the distribution as fresh mushrooms and for freezing.
Fresh produce on the go
The mushrooms selected to be sold fresh reach our company in Ronciglione, where the distribution starts.
And the frozen mushrooms?
They are frozen with the IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) method immediately after harvesting and are stored in cold rooms at -22 ° C.
In your kitchen, in 36 hours
Our fresh porcini mushrooms are really fresh: they arrive on your table in less than 36 hours from the harvesting!

Individual Quick Frozen: IQF technology for a superior quality frozen product.

Our frozen porcini mushrooms are processed with the method called Individual Quick Frozen (abbreviated to IQF), thanks to which the freezing process takes place within a few minutes. This rapidity prevents the formation of large ice crystals in the porcine mushroom cells; crystals that would destroy the structure of the cell membrane.

The great advantage of IQF freezing is that frozen porcini mushrooms maintain the same characteristics (shape, color, aroma and taste) as fresh porcini mushrooms.

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The cold formula? N2.

Yes, for IQF freezing, liquid nitrogen - a cryogenic fluid - is often used.

Or a breath of cold air!

For the freezing of diced porcini mushrooms, is also used the air, cooled at low temperature, which flows around the cubes freezing them in a few minutes.
Harvested and delivered. Fresh.

A temperature-controlled journey, following the HACCP rules, to bring our fresh porcini mushrooms to the table, as if they were just picked.

Double the "fan"
Our vans can handle the transport of fresh and frozen mushrooms.
ATP Certificate
Insulated, refrigerated and ATP certified, to safely transport our mushrooms.