100% recyclable paper and cardboard packaging

For retail purchases

Environmental impact of fresh mushrooms

Transport and refrigeration

Less print, more Cloud

Since 2019 we have implemented a Cloud storage and sharing system between our offices, to minimize the use of printed paper.


Developing sustainable solutions to global market demands is no easy journey.

As a company, we have worked harder than ever to leave a better Earth than we found it. How? By reducing our environmental footprint.

ZERO impact by 2030
Sustainable packaging
Clean and green energy
Green deliveries

We empower 100% of suppliers on green issues

CO2 savings with clean energy


Kg of CO2 each month


Kg of CO2 since 2018

Application of very high efficiency inverters

We have applied an innovative solution to meet the need for centralization and cold distribution to power 75% of our refrigeration units.

We work with nature. And we give it back what we take.

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We feel responsible for our environmental impact

We are moving towards a future where we want to deliver products that are good for our customers and good for our Planet.

We aim to remove plastic from packaging.
To switch to compostable or recyclable materials.

This is not only to reduce the amount of plastic and micro-plastics dispersed in the environment, but also to safeguard the limited resources of the Earth.

We recycle 100% of the cartons we use.
And our cartons are made from recycled paper.

Our goal is to separate all the waste produced by our daily activities and to make the packaging of our products differentiable or reusable.


We do printed advertising. On sustainable paper.

We take care to print our catalogs on FSC® certified paper which certifies its origin from forests and communities managed according to high environmental, social and economic standards.

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Phthalates? It's hard to pronounce, let alone digest.

We make sure that the food containers of our products do not contain phthalates (they are esters used in plastic processing) or other harmful substances, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and Bisphenol A.

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Let's celebrate Earth.

We want to safeguard the planet, which is why we strive every year to reduce our environmental impact. We buy trees, find greener solutions by reducing the packaging of our products and limit the use of electricity with latest generation refrigeration motors.

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1/3 of the food in the bucket.

According to a study by Eurispes.it, one third of the food produced on the planet is wasted without even reaching the table. With food ending up in the trash, 200 million people could be fed.

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Zero waste. Almost.

Here at Cimina Funghi we work daily to avoid food waste: when a product is close to expiry it is discounted or donated. And for fresh mushrooms, we have achieved the ZERO WASTE goal, thanks to thoughtful purchases and the use of fresh mushrooms in the Italian industrial chain.