Italians in all we do

In eating, above all.

We bring natural and spontaneous products to your kitchen, promoting a healthy and balanced diet inspired by the Italian lifestyle.

SIMPLICITY is a value we don't joke about, not even when we choose Cimina Funghi brand products. Creams and sauces with high percentages of mushrooms or truffles and few other ingredients. Just like you would at home.

Pursuing continuous improvement

Confidence. Courage. Integrity.

Cimina Funghi is a family business founded on strong values and motivated by courage and moral integrity. For this reason, Cimina Funghi is recognized in Italy as the symbol of fresh, spontaneous products from the forest.

Cesto Funghi Porcini e Tartufo Bianco
Carpaccio di Funghi Porcini
Crema di Funghi Porcini
Cocchi Brut Rosè

Cimina Funghi: many People, one goal

We are proud to feel like an extended family

Sometimes you work a lot, at night and below freezing. We travel tens of thousands of kilometers every year. Are you ready to meet us?

Show off: send your resume and join the family

Even if there are no open positions, we will read your resume. If your figure should arouse our interest, you will be called for an interview!

The most valuable asset.

We promote merit. We support diversity and inclusion.

We put our heart into it. Always.

Cimina Funghi is not just a company, it is a group of people who work in synchrony, always putting quality first.

It will be a wonderful journey. Even at night.

Yes, we work day and night to always guarantee the maximum freshness of the product.
Cimina Funghi's business principles

At the base of our corporate culture

Nutrition, Health and Wellness
Every day, Cimina Funghi works with the aim of improving the lives of consumers.
Communicate to consumer
Cimina Funghi provides clear communications, which allow the right to make informed choices.
Relations with suppliers and customers
We ask for loyalty, honesty and integrity from our suppliers. And we are committed to maintaining the same values with customers.
Product quality and safety
Cimina Funghi sells wild mushrooms, a safe and high quality product.
Job security
We are dedicated to preventing accidents, damage and illnesses in our workplace.
Environmental sustainability
We make use of renewable resources managed in a sustainable way, with the goal of "zero waste".
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Nutrition, Health and Wellness
Product quality and safety
Communicate to consumer
Job security
Relations with suppliers and customers
Environmental sustainibility